Accessorize You New Mac Laptop

Accessorize You New Mac Laptop

You can accessorize your new Mac laptop to make it shiny and looks amazing like other models of laptops too.

  • Brainstorm! What are your favorite colors? Designs? , Shapes? What do you want to be seen on your laptop? Your laptop can be an expression of yourself, so make it accurately reflect you. Choose a design because you like it not because it's popular.
  • Choose an overall color scheme. For example, if you like blue, then everything, your wallpaper, your cover skin, your screensaver etc. should have a bit of that color. Having one overall color links everything up and makes your computer look more whole.
  • Buy a laptop skin. These fit right on your laptop, come in color, and protect it from scratches and other every day wear and tear. You can find them at an Apple store, or even order them online; The cool thing about Speck is you can choose the model of your laptop, so you're guaranteed that it will fit perfectly. You can also find the model at Speck, then order on eBay. Other sites also have skins though they might not be organized by model. Keep in mind your color scheme when choosing the color.
  • Decide if you want any stickers or decals. If you do, choose something that represents you. Unless you got a clear cover, realize that you will probably have to put the sticker on top of the cover-skin, so choose one that is durable. Make sure you like it; some of the stickers are permanent or hard to take off.
  • Choose your desktop wallpaper. Your wallpaper should be something you like, because this is what you're going to be looking at every day. If you feel the options on your computer are too limiting, Google "free mac wallpaper" or a similar phrase. You'll find many sites which offer free abstract backgrounds as well as other cool designs. Keep in mind your color scheme when you look at different backgrounds.
  • Choose your screensaver. Your computer usually comes with some pretty cool screensavers, but if you want to get one online, it's the same as finding a wallpaper. Remember your color scheme, but a screensaver is the least important factor in your color scheme since it won't be seen most of the time.
  • Decide if you want a mouse or a mouse pad. Choose those according to your color scheme.
  • Look over your finished computer. Is there anything you want to change? Remember, this is your computer, so you should make it look the way you want. Also remember: it doesn't have to stay the same; your computer's look can evolve. If you want to add a sticker, or change your desktop, feel free. Your overall look doesn't have to remain constant; just as your personality changes, your computer's look should.
  • Give yourself a pat on the back, and then show off your computer to all your jealous friends!


  • This is all optional. If you want to skip one of the steps, eg, you don't want a decal, feel free. This is your computer, and your individuality. No one can tell you what to do. This article only offers guidance.
  • You can get a laser engraving on your computer to really personalize it.
  • Laptops cost a lot, and although accessories do not cost quite as much, be prepared to spend quite a bit, perhaps fifty or one hundred dollars for a fully accessorized laptop.
  • Don't let your color scheme limit you. If you want all crazy colors, it's your choice!

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