5 Practical Reasons for Learning Linux in 2023

Debian Linux
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If you ask an average person about what they really know regarding the use of Linux OS, the chances are high that you will not hear much at all. That is because it works and does not pose much of a problem when the correct distribution is being used. Since it is an open-source and free platform, you can get numerous options. Still, what is not often discussed is the security model that is implemented in most Linux-based applications and practical implementations. If you add the customization factor to our equation, learning Linux is clearly one of the most beneficial tasks to consider in 2023!

1. A Great Start for an IT Career

Learning Linux is one of the obligatory parts of learning for the IT sector career. It means that you will have to learn it anyway at some point, so why not start early and master the basics? Since it is an open-source platform, there are numerous ways to modify the platform and adjust it based on your technical adjustments. The presence of an extensive online community with templates and tutorials will be of help! There is not too much reliance on the hardware aspect, which also makes learning Linux beneficial, as you will encounter Linux solutions basically everywhere.

2. You Learn More About Security

Unlike similar commercial platforms, Linux offers a greater degree of security and has fewer loopholes. If you are interested in learning more about cybersecurity principles or how technology has evolved, Linux will help you master the work of terminals and demonstrate why the servers are running Linux OS to manage and operate information. Since it is the foundation of things online and beyond the digital realm, Linux security is the heart of things.

3. Practical Applicability

Since Linux is used basically everywhere these days, the list of possible careers that you may consider is quite extensive as well. Starting with basic programming tasks and automation to engineering and the field of healthcare and video game development, Linux will always be there for you. Since it is one of the most flexible systems ever, you will be able to meet the requirements and use Linux as the starting point for the various research objectives.

4. Adjustments and Practice

Many IT students these days often complain that they only deal with theoretical knowledge and feel totally helpless when it comes to practice. Now, Linux helps to change things for the better, as it can be used for practical purposes right away. Since it is the developer’s heaven, one can start with the basic tasks and gradually advance the objectives based on the skills that are gained. Unlike Windows OS or architectures that are not open-source, you can actually go deep and see how the hardware relates to the software and fully understand the security and processing power concepts, among other things.

5. Easy to Learn

One of the best parts about learning Linux in 2023 is that it is still easy to learn, and you can get numerous free courses online by browsing through Khan Academy, Udemy, or Coursera. Depending on your technical background (or the lack of it!), you will be able to understand Linux and work with various setup configurations. Even those people who have been involved in other fields of science have reported that learning Linux has been one of the most enjoyable experiences.

The Practical Use Factor

It is not often mentioned for some reason, yet it is Linux that is essential for IT security and Big Data management systems among others. It would not be possible to run the Internet network worldwide if we did not have Linux OS. When we are dealing with the routers and management of the cloud-storage systems and the servers, we are relying upon Linux systems once again. This fact alone shows that the system was meant to become a de facto standard for the various development environments and the use of the hardware terminals where the Linux shells are implemented. It is clear that the Linux community is one of the longest-running and friendliest spaces online, and you will not be limited to certified specialists, as is typically the case with the big vendors. Linux is open-source and free, which already says enough!

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