Reset Local Administrator Password For Windows Server 2008\2003\7\Vista\XP\NT

Hirens Boot CD
Hirens Boot CD

Let us discuss about how to reset the local admin password for all Windows OS. Instead of formatting the system or buying a new password cracker tool we can reset the password by ourselves .
I had personally tested this on Windows NT 3.51, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003/2003 R2, and also server 2008/ 2008 R2 and it was successful.

Hiren’s Boot CD:

Hiren’s BootCD is all in one bootable CD which has all these utilities such as Partition Tools, Backup and Recovery, Disk cloning and Imaging tools, Data Recovery tools, MBR Tools, BIOS Tools, Network Tools, Hard Disk Tools, Mini Windows XP, Mini Linux, Password tool and many other utilities for fixing computer problems. As it is a bootable CD, it can be useful even if the primary operating system cannot be booted.

You can download the ISO image here.

Burn the .ISO file to a CD or a USB flash drive.

Take out the newly created CD/USB and insert it to the locked computer.

Reboot the locked computer. Since it is a bootable CD/USB, it will boot automatically else change the Boot option in BIOS.

Simple four steps to clear or change the password:

Step 1

  • After the system reboots, you have to choose offline password changer. The screen will come like below.
  • Select option 1 else just press Enter.

Step 2

  • The next screen will ask for registry directory. Check whether the path is windows/system32/config. Select Enter.

Step 3

  • It will ask for password reset. Select first option.
  • Select first option again to edit the password and press enter. It will show the list of users.
  • Enter the correct user name to change the password.
  • Then select first option to clear the password.

Step 4

  • Finally it will ask you to save the writing changes

After that, reboot your system, it will boot without password. These steps will change only the password, not any user data.

If you have any clarification, please post in the comments.

Note – While this collection of software’s can be very useful, potential users should note that many of the tools are commercial applications that have not been legally licensed and also may be illegal (depending on your legal jurisdiction). Tools that require a license are currently marked by an asterisk (*) before their names and have a notice that states this upon the loading of one.

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