How To Use Video Camera – HTC One Mini

How To Use Video Camera - HTC One Mini
How To Use Video Camera - HTC One Mini

Learn how to use video camera on your HTC One Mini.

Recording video

  • Open the Camera app.

  • When you’re ready to start recording, tap Video icon.

  • While recording, you can:

  • Freely zoom in or out.

  • Change focus to a different subject or area by just tapping it on the Viewfinder screen.

  • Tap the flash icon to turn the flash on or off.

  • To stop recording, tap Stop icon.

  • Taking a photo while recording a video (VideoPic)

    Note: Make sure that you’re in Normal scene to use this feature.

    While you’re recording video using the main camera, tap Camera icon to capture a still shot of your subject.

    Using HDR

    When shooting portraits against a bright background, use the HDR (High Dynamic Range) scene to capture your subjects clearly. HDR brings out the details of both the highlights and shadows, even in high contrast lighting.

    • On the Viewfinder screen, tap Menu icon.
    • To take an HDR photo, under Photo capture mode, tap HDR, and then tap Camera icon.

    Note: HDR works best when your subject is steady. The camera takes multiple shots at different exposure levels and combines them into one enhanced photo.

    • To capture an HDR video, under Video capture mode, tap Scene > Video HDR (Full HD), and then tap Video icon.

    Recording videos in slow motion

    Relive high speed action bit by bit and add a touch of suspense to your videos.

    Note: Audio is not captured when you’re in this mode.

    • On the Viewfinder screen, tap Menu icon.
    • Under Video capture mode, tap Scene > Slow motion video.
    • Frame your subject on the Viewfinder screen.
    • Tap Start icon to start recording.
    • To stop recording, tap stop icon.

    After recording your slow motion video, you can change the playback speed of selected sections when you edit the video in Gallery.

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