Add Music To Your Droid

Add Music To Your Droid

You can add MP3, CD audio, and iTunes Music, and also purchase music directly from Android Market. Your purchases will be directly downloaded and installed on your smartphone. Follow the simple steps below to add the music to your smartphone

Add MP3 and CD Audio Music to Your Droid

  • Use the USB cable that came with your phone, and plug in your Droid phone. You need to plug your phone into your computer so that you can transfer the media files from your computer into your Android phone.
  • Close the box that pops up on your computer that asks what you would like to do with the device you’ve plugged in. If you haven’t plugged your Droid phone into your computer before, wait for the drivers to install. If you have already plugged in and installed the drivers, move on to the next step.
  • Touch the button on your phone that states: “Turn on USB Storage.”
  • Open the folder to view the files. This folder contains all of the information and media on your Droid phone.
  • Select the file labelled “Media.” This folder should contain all of the music you currently have installed on your Droid phone.
  • Open your PC’s music library, and click and drag all of the music you would like to put onto your Droid phone. It might take a few minutes for the transfer to complete.
  • Select the button “Turn off USB Storage” on your Droid phone. You can now go into your music player and listen to all of your music on your phone as well as on your computer.

Convert and Add iTunes Music to Your Droid

  • Search online for a reliable M4A converter that will convert these files to MP3 files. The reason you need to do this is because iTunes uses a special format so that you cannot use its files on other music players. There are many converters out there that are free and safe to use.
  • Upload the music files you would like to convert, and click on “Convert.” The process may take a while depending on your Internet speed and the size of your files.
    • Upload is the opposite of download. When you download something, you are taking an item, such as a media file, from another source and installing it to your computer or device. To upload something, you are essentially taking an item you already have and moving it to another device.
  • Save the new files in your music library, and then follow the steps for transferring MP3 and other music files to your Droid phone.

Add Music to Your Droid from the Android Market

  • Open the Android Market, and conduct a search for music or MP3.
  • Find an application that you would like to either purchase or download for free.
  • Use the application to purchase or download free music onto your Droid right from your Android phone.


  • Open your media player from your Android menu once you’re done adding music. Any installed music will go directly into this player, and you can search for your music through the library feature.
  • A Droid phone is capable of playing many types of music files, including MP3, AMR, WMD (8), MIDI, WAV, OGG Vorbis, and M4A. M4A files are iTunes music files that are compatible if you follow the steps to convert them.
  • Only transfer music and files that you have purchased. It is against the law to use music that you have not paid for, and you can be legally held responsible for all “free” music you download.
  • Make sure that you only use a reliable and trustworthy M4A music file converter. Do your research before downloading any type of software on your computer so that you don’t get a virus or use illegal software.

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