Win At MultiPlayer GTA

Win At MultiPlayer GTA

You can become a better player of Multi Player GTA on PSP. This guide covers both Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories. This guide does not apply to PC Grand Theft Auto mods that allow online play or to the 2 player mode in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. This guide also covers only player versus player gameplay, and none of the special game modes. All of these tips still apply in modes such as "Might of the Hunter," but may not help you score if the objective is not eliminating other players. Follow the simple steps below

Familiarize yourself with Grand Theft Auto. Even if you are highly skilled in the console GTA games, you should spend some time playing through the main story missions until you are good at driving and can use weapons easily. Get used to the PSP controls, especially for drive-by shooting.

Once you are ready to try multiplayer, you will need a friend or two with PSPs and a copy of the same GTA game you are using. Load the game, then pause it and select "Multiplayer" from the menu. Select "Host Game." Now you can set the game mode, victory condition, timers, location, and the character you want to use. For the purpose of this guide, select "Liberty City Survivor" or "Vice City Survivor," depending on which game you have. This is a basic deathmatch mode set on one of the city's islands. VCS players will note that they can select individual neighborhoods to play in, but the whole island remains open during the game. Let the other players join and then begin the game.

You will find your character standing in the game world, holding a Tec 9. This is the default weapon. You can now go and find other weapons, armor, vehicles, and other players to kill. Specific strategies will be discussed in the Tips section. Don't be afraid to use new weapons, try new strategies, and die. Each death will teach you something about the game.

As you play, think of the best way to counter your opponents' strategies. Are they driving in cars? Use a motorcycle and fire a Tec 9 at them from behind. Are they using a medium range weapon like the shotgun? Stay far away and drop them with an AK-47. Or get in close and use your Tec 9. Just remember that you shouldn't fight shotgun with shotgun, AK-47 with AK-47.

Practice, practice, practice. While some aspects of the single-player game, such as extended pursuit by the police, will boost your skills, real multiplayer is best. If you are a student, try to play with your friends before school each day. If you work in an office, play with someone during lunch.

  • This section will discuss specific weapon, map, and vehicle strategies

  • Tec 9: This is the most basic multiplayer weapon. You already have one when you spawn. The most important thing to remember when you are using the Tec 9 is that you can move when firing. The weapon is best used up close, and a player using a Tec 9 will win every time against a player with a shotgun or AK-47 if they use it correctly. You have to get very close to your opponent and target them. Make sure to dodge left and right as you approach the other player. Once you have them targeted, run around them in circles while firing. The AK-47 and shotgun cannot hit a swiftly moving target up close. The Tec 9 can also be used in vehicles for drive-bys, discussed later in this section. It is always worth your while to pick up some Tec 9 ammo (yellow on the map).
  • Shotgun: The shotgun is a slow-firing short-range weapon that is integral to one of the game's best tactics. When you hit someone with a shotgun blast, they fall down and cannot be harmed with bullets until they are on their feet. Explosions will work on downed players, though. Now, killing someone with multiple shotgun blasts is risky because the reload time of the shotgun and the timing of your shots may allow the other player to get up off the ground and run away. The shotgun is also not ideal for use against moving targets, especially those very close up, as the other player could avoid the shotgun fire and eliminate you with a Tec 9. Therefore, it is best to use the shotgun to knock somebody down at medium range and then switch to another weapon. For best results, immediately switch to the Tec 9 or AK-47 and stand in one place while firing at the other player. About 95% of the time, this is an instant kill. Here's why: As the other player gets up (and loses protection from bullets) their head passes through your line of fire. When this happens, the head is destroyed. This is an instant kill, and it works regardless of any remaining health or armor the other player might have. This is the easiest way to score in the game. The shotgun is dark green on the map.
  • AK-47: The 'K is one of the best multiplayer weapons. It has a high rate of fire, the best range (aside from the sniper rifle) and is used in one of the best tactics available, explained above. The AK-47 is useful in attacking other players at medium to long range, especially if you don't have a shotgun yet. Its high damage lets you drop the other player with ease. This is the best weapon to use when the other player is at range and does not have an AK-47 as well. The 'K can also be used to take out snipers, as they may not realize that you are close enough to use your AK-47. The AK-47 pickup is orange on you map.
  • Rocket Launcher: The GTA Rocket Launcher resembles an RPG-7. It has a very long range and delivers an explosive projectile at a relatively slow speed. This rocket is easy to avoid when on foot, so the RPG is best used against players in vehicles or those unaware of your presence. Because of the large blast radius, you should not use the Rocket Launcher against nearby targets. One way to use that blast radius to your advantage is to fire rockets at the underside of a bridge or other thin barrier a player is standing on top of or behind. It may not take much health off, but it will definitely rattle the other player. The Rocket Launcher pickup is lavender on your map.
  • Sniper Rifle: The sniper rifle in GTA has always been a hassle to use. Use this weapon only if you are very, very fast. The best place to use it is atop a building, or some other place where you are out of range, not visible, or hard to reach. The Sniper Rifle is purple on your map. Whilst in zoom, hold L to steady and slow down the movement, thus giving more precision.
  • Remote Grenades: These little bombs can be quite handy. You can throw one anywhere, and then switch to the detonator and activate it whenever you want. This weapon is useful for catching other players unawares. You can, for example, flee down an alleyway and leave a remote grenade just inside it. When your pursuer enters the alleyway, detonate the grenade right underneath them. You can also plant one in the street as another player speeds toward you in a vehicle, and then detonate the grenade just as the other player drives over it. The remote grenades cannot be used in multiple numbers (throwing several and detonating them all at once). They also cannot be set off by another explosion, a car running over them, or gunfire. The grenade is visible on the ground, so other players may discover your strategy. Remote Grenades are pale green on your map.
  • Chainsaw: The chainsaw is the "best" melee weapon in Grand Theft Auto. I say "best" because, though it is highly damaging and fun to use, it can be difficult to wield and usually ends up getting you killed. There is no reason to use the chainsaw when you can use your fists. The chainsaw is pale blue on your map.
  • This section will present vehicle strategies

  • In each multiplayer GTA game, there will be a variety of vehicles that all conform to a set rule. There will always be one type of motorcycle, one type of sports car, and various sedans and vans. Vehicles are generally easy to find and acquire in multiplayer.
  • Bikes: The motorcycles are some of the most useful vehicles in multiplayer. Because you can shoot straight ahead with a Tec 9, bikes are a good choice against cars or players on foot. You can do strafing runs on walking players by driving straight at them while firing. If you are lucky, you may kill them. If you miss, you can just whip the bike around and try again.
  • Other Vehicles: All of the other vehicles are good for knocking people off bikes and doing drive-by shootings. The drive-by causes much more damage per bullet than regular Tec 9 fire, and lets you use your car as an extra layer of armor. Just be ready to bail out if the car catches on fire. Another car strategy is using the vehicle as both a weapon and a diversion. If your opponent is standing in an open area, drive straight at him. Then, right before the car hits (hopefully), bail out the side. With luck, your opponent will have been hit by the car and killed. If not, they are probably confused and think you are still in the car. As they get up off the ground or try to figure out where you are, whip out your shotgun, and execute the shotgun/AK-47 attack as explained above.
  • Anti-car strategies

  • You can lock on to cars and bikes that are being driven by an opponent. The best weapons to use against vehicles are the AK-47 (at medium to long range) and the shotgun (at short range.) If your opponent survives the explosion, take them out normally. You may think that the rocket launcher would be a better choice against vehicles, but the slow speed of the rocket means somebody in a car can easily dodge it.
  • You can actually jump over most cars to escape damage. Just face the oncoming vehicle and hit the square button just before it reaches you. You will usually end up on your feet behind the vehicle. Now is the time to hit it with your AK-47. This works on both large and small vehicles, so long as you can jump high enough to get on the hood.
  • Tires: In Vice City Stories, you can shoot out a car's tires. One gone hinders driving, 2 makes it difficult, and 3 blown tires makes moving in the correct direction almost impossible. A car with all 4 tires shot out is uncontrollable.
  • This section will outline the various powerups
  • First are the basic health and armor powerups. These appear as a neutral beige and bright green on the map, respectively. Each raises the named attribute to 100%.
  • Next are the true powerups. When activated, most last for two minutes and are dropped if the player is killed. These can be disabled for a fairer game.
  • The first powerup is represented by the rampage icon. When activated, the player is given a Rocket Launcher with unlimited ammunition. All of the players other weapons will be unavailable until the powerup expires. This powerup is useful only when you can get to a secure, high-up area and fire almost continuously.
  • The next powerup is called Mega Damage. It makes all of your attacks four times as powerful. Needless to say, this is one of the most desirable powerups. You can use any weapon you want, and killing other players is much, much easier. The only real problem here is finding enough opponents before time runs out.
  • The third powerup is called Health Boost. When activated, it makes the player's health regenerate slowly over time. This is not a very useful powerup because the health regeneration is too slow, and any prolonged damage will nullify the effects. This powerup is displayed as a large plus sign.
  • The fourth powerup grants you invisibility. It is represented by a question mark. The invisibility applies to both the radar and tag that floats above your head. Your character model and vehicle can still be seen, though. One of the trickiest ways to use this powerup is to grab an undamaged car and creep up on the other player. Act like NPC traffic until the other person leaves his car, then break from traffic and run your opponent down. You could also hide somewhere with a sniper rifle, but that's exactly what they expect.
  • Repair (VCS only) will fully repair whatever vehicle you touch it with. Don't go out of your way to pick this up, because vehicles are cheap in multiplayer.


  • Keep in mind that PSP Grand Theft Auto games are ad hoc (local wireless) only, and you cannot play GTA over the Internet.
  • You may frustrate your friends with your new GTA skills. Don't be afraid to help them become better players by telling them some of the tips on this page. You will actually enjoy the game more if the other players are as good as you.
  • As with any multiplayer game, you may experience extreme frustration if you don't do as well as you expected. Remember that the PSP is a delicate device with moving parts, and won't stand up to the same shocks as a regular console controller. Don't throw it, drop it, or do anything else that might cause you even more grief.

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