SIP-Trunking Technology


Most communication experts are strongly convinced that SIP is today the most promising protocol for the further development of the telecommunication and connection industry. It is characterized by low requirements for the connection speed and supports not only voice communication but also video data transmission at the same time.

A key feature of IP telephony of SIP type is open technology and configuration flexibility. If comparing SIP-telephony with standard analog communication or software VoIP-solutions, we can distinguish several main differences of this protocol type:

  • A large number of available system functions, the ability to integrate with the company's software (when it comes to corporate use) - The SIP system is able to cope with the functions of a full PBX. When choosing a SIP provider, pay attention to company reputation;
  • Low tariffs for connection, calls, the introduction of additional options - In case of SIP technology, customers are offered a more loyal pricing policy compared to commercial applications;
  • The ability to receive incoming calls to a fixed number - Some solutions from the field of Internet telephony are focused mainly on the communication of users within a single network, which occurs through a program downloaded on a computer and working online. There is no usual telephone number in the international format;
  • Special attention focused on the absence of geo-referencing - Although phone numbers still contain country codes, the subscriber is not necessarily located in the corresponding coordinates.

Taking into account all the features of SIP-trunking technology, providers are increasingly confident in offering SIP trunk services. What is more, it is sometimes the only way to establish a connection. Statistics show that today more than 90% of new lines are laid down through SIP-trunks.

SIP Used In Banks
SIP Used In Banks

So what are the benefits of SIP-trunking technology? Let us list them down for you:

  • High quality of services provided - to establish a connection and transfer voice and video, digital data transfer protocols are used, which gives high-quality voice and high connection speed;
  • Change of the office location with the preservation of a single number - your SIP trunk is not necessarily connected to your office location. You can move to another office, keeping your previous number. Accordingly, it is not necessary to notify customers about the new number, change advertising campaigns, business cards and pay the operator for installing call forwarding and connect new numbers;
  • No need to purchase a VoIP gateway - SIP trunks prevent you from acquiring and maintaining VoIP gateways. Calls from the telephone network come directly via the SIP protocol.;
  • Scalability of channel capacity - if you have an increased number of calls, you can quickly and simply add additional voice channels to an existing SIP trunk. Compare this with the time spent on ordering and laying additional analog lines, installing expansion cards and programming analog PBX!

Thanks to the SIP trunk, you can instantly provide global voice communication for your VoIP infrastructure. Regardless of the scale and needs of your company, Didlogic offers the SIP trunk service that's the best for you. With a SIP trunk, you can instantly create a SIP network around the world.

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