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If you want to dedicate your IT career to SQL and related technologies, then you will definitely be interested in attaining Microsoft MCSA: SQL Server 2012/2014 certification. This is an associate-level certification which involves passing of three exams: 70-461, 70-462, and 70-463. To pass all the exams successfully, you require dependable learning resources. In this Prepaway guide, we will take a look at one of the most convenient types of study materials that are called braindumps.

Braindumps refer to questions and answers that give you the insight of how the real exam looks like. Prepaway has prepared a detailed description of how braindumps can help you to pass your Microsoft exams. So, let us take the 70-462 exam as an example and see how it works!

Why Do Test Takers Use Braindumps for Exam Preparation?

Here are a few reasons why test takers opt for braindumps to complement their exam preparation:

Time factor

For many candidates, the luxury of time for extensive study is not available. Many of these individuals are the professionals who have a busy schedule and could not fit in the long hours required to go through the resource materials designed for the certification exam. It is the general knowledge that the scope of Microsoft tests, including 70-462, is very extensive and to be able to develop competence in the contents, you have to dedicate ample time to study various resource tools. This is practically impossible for many applicants. To make up for this, many test takers resort to using braindumps to prepare for their exams.

To get familiar with actual exam questions and answers

Many test takers actually go through the right exam preparation process but to further validate their knowledge and confidence in the exam taking process, they use braindumps. In this scenario, braindumps are like the practice tests to evaluate their level of preparation and their knowledge about the scope of the actual certification test. For these candidates, they already studied the Microsoft 70-462 resource materials and the use of braindumps is just an additional step to preparing for the exam.

It makes exam preparationeasier

Braindumps makes exam preparation easy and pretty straightforward. The candidates do not need to spend long hours preparing. After they finish study guide or instructor-led course, all they need is to purchase a package of braindumps and they can have a focused study and increase their chance of success in the actual test.

So, having established the top reasons why the students use braindumps for their exams, let us see how braindumps help the candidates to pass their certification tests.

Will Braindumps Help in Passing Microsoft 70-462 Exam?

Many students have testified to the amazing results they have achieved through the use of exam dumps. Many actually believed that using them is the best decision they have made in preparing for Microsoft 70-462. Braindumps can help you to see your strong and weak sides so you can evaluate your readiness for the test and study more if necessary.

This validates the usefulness and the benefits of using braindumps for preparing for the certification exams. No doubt, these materials have helped thousands of test takers in achieving their desired certifications. Therefore, we can conclusively say that braindumps can help you pass the Microsoft 70-462 exam.

However, before you run along to purchase braindumps for your exam preparation, there are some things you need to be aware of.

Braindumps will help you pass the Microsoft 70-462 exam but you still need to use other materials to get the required knowledge.

The certification exams are the tests of one's skills and knowledge in relation to specific content. With braindumps, you will have access to real exam questions and answers that may come out of the test. However, practice and paper/video resources are still required. This means you have to take time to go through the exam objectives and read up on them. Thus, you will not only be prepared for success in the test but also equipped with the knowledge and skills to deliver in the workplace.

Not all braindumps are valid.

When choosing braindumps, it is very crucial that you consider reputable platforms to purchase your preparation tools. There are numerous platforms online that offer exam dumps to the candidates. However, not all of them are valid and reputable. Some braindumps are outdated and using them is like signing up for failure even before taking the exams. You should only use online platforms that are reputable and have up-to-date dumps. Some websites you might want to consider include Prepaway, PrepAway, and Exam-Labs, among others.

Prepaway, for example, offers braindumps that are up-to-date and have been verified by the industry experts. The answers to the questions in the exam dumps have also been developed by the professionals, so you can be sure that you are getting valid materials for your exam preparation.


Braindumps are top resource tools being used by the test takers for exam preparation in the field of Information Technology and Microsoft 70-462 is not an exception. No doubt, these prep materials are very useful and helpful in preparing the candidates for success in their exam. Those individuals who want to write the 70-462 certification test, therefore, can choose braindumps as part of their exam preparation tool. However, you need to be cautious about the platform where you are getting the dumps from. Ensure you use Prepaway or some other website that offers up-to-date and authentic braindumps.

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