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Query Slowness 0

Query Slowness

In the DBA career the most prominent issue we will face is the issueYesterday this database Query is running fine. But today we have observed database query response time is very slow compare as yesterday” raised from Development Team / Client.Here are few things you can do, to find the root cause of this issue and solve it.Note: This article is for someone with basic to intermediateexperience and serves as a checklist for finding solution to SQL “Query Slowness” issue.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Specifications Revealed 0

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Specifications Revealed

Samsung has unveiled its second Android tabled on the eve of Mobile World Congress 2011. Samsung has introduced Galaxy Tab 10.1, the big brother of its 7″ Galaxy Tab, with features set of 10.1 inch 1,280×800 resolution touch screen, dual core processor powered by Nvidia’s Tegra 2 chipset, 8 Mega Pixel rear camera and a 2 Mega Pixel front facing camera for video calls.

Using mknod during export 0

Using mknod during export

Every Friday we have taken the full export backup of one our database.This database is used for reporting purpose.Export dump size is around 25 GB. Backup mount point total space is 32 GB. Every weekend I have taken the backup and transfer the export dump (25 GB) to bridge server.In this article we will see how to quickly perform this action using “mknod”.

Flashback Database 0

Flashback Database

We have deployed new module in our database. In database side we have executed lot of scripts like create, alter, drop, update & delete scripts. Business functionality wise we have faced lot of issues in application side and also database side. So we planned to revert back & restored the Physical backup.We plan to deploy new module in our database. Pro actively we will ready to revert back in case of failure with help of flashback database.(10G feature)Now we see about flashback database.

Goal-Setting 0


To achieve your personal best, you must fix up your goals in life Goals are your dreams with a time frame; They unlock your positive mind. Clear goals enable you to focus your attention and concentrate your energies. Goals give you vision and clarity. With clear written goals with a realistic time frame, you can accomplish more in a year or two, than the average person who might accomplish the same in ten to twenty years.

Wall Street Journal reported iPad2 in Production 0

Wall Street Journal reported iPad2 in Production

WSJ has reported that iPad2 was in production and this new edition will have a better hardware than the iPad while the display resolution remains the same. The WSJ also siad that the new iPad2 will be available on Verizon and AT&T. This new iPad2 is expected to be in the same price range as the old one, but the details needs to be confirmed. Like the old iPad, the iPad2 is being assembled by Foxconn.

Self-Concept 0


Your Self-Concept is a bundle of beliefs that you have about yourself and your world. These beliefs began forming with your first experiences as an infant. The Self-Concept appears early in life with the formation of a nucleus called ‘I’ and ‘Me’.

Microsoft has rolled out copy and paste & performance updates for Windows Phone 7 developers 0

Microsoft has rolled out copy and paste & performance updates for Windows Phone 7 developers

Microsoft has rolled out copy and paste & performance updates for Windows Phone 7 developers. This update adds the long awaited copy & paste functionality to Windows Phone 7.

Finance Guide: A note on Private Equities 0

Finance Guide: A note on Private Equities

Private Equity is an equity capital that is not traded in any public exchange. Companies seeking private equity may also be growing companies not yet ready for an IPO and without the cash flow to support bank debt. Private equities is generally preferred by the issuers because it has more control over the confidential information as it requires less disclosures, has less working cost, offers negotiable terms and conditions with Investors, it insulates the company from stock market volatility.