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Most of the competitive exams are multiple choice questions where you will be provided with 4 options. You need to select the correct answer. CAT, GMAT, GRE, IT companys questions (Infosys, Wipro, TCS, etc) & most of the entrance tests has the same pattern. Probably, if you dont have the answers, you would be looking for coin for tossing (option A or B). or looking for a dice in rubber or Inky Pinky Ponkey starts.Here are few tips before you start old strategy. Below guess work will help you but doesnt guarantee for the correct answer.

Farmville got English Countryside Level 0

Farmville got English Countryside Level

Farmville just now got the English Countryside level is a brand new addition. Players who have reached the level 20 can kick in for English Countryside level.Farmville English Countryside, which ahs a British slant to it. The regular version of the game will be starting from tomorrow. This game got a country specific content, open to every player irrespective of their nationality.

Android 2.2 Dominates All Google OS, 61.3% Of All Active Devices 0

Android 2.2 Dominates All Google OS, 61.3% Of All Active Devices

After nine months of release of Google’s OS Android Froyo, you know that the OS is distributed quite well than any other versions. It got now 61.3 percent of all active Android devices. Handsets and Tablets with the access to the market is eligible, Worldwide are now running version Android 2.2, making it the most prevalent iteration of the software at the moment. When taken with Android 2.1, the device got ,more than 90 percent of active devices. However the latest version of Google Gingerbread 2.3 got only the 1 percent of the devices. While the Android Honeycomb3.0 scraps a couple of tenths of percent together.

HTC Thunderbolt 4G is now available to buy at $250 0

HTC Thunderbolt 4G is now available to buy at $250

As per we told yesterday, HTC Thunderbolt is released today. Verizon released its first fastest 4G LTE handset . Verizon is now taking online orders for HTC’s 4.3 inch ThunderBolt , pricing the LTE lubber at $250 on a two year contract. As before we told it comes with Android 2.2, Froyo and OS underlying the HTC Sense 2.0 UI, an 8MP camera, HD video recording, 768 MB of RAM, and a 1GHz Qualcomm Processor MSM8655, chip have to do its best to keep up with these 4G speeds. If Verizon’s pricing feels a rich to you means, we found that Thnderbolt is as low as $180 at Amazon, as they got the online retailer got the back order.

Crysis 2 PS3 Demo Out, Fails to Excite 0

Crysis 2 PS3 Demo Out, Fails to Excite

The PS3 fanboys have been braving taunts from their PC and XBOX 360 counterparts for a long, but it is finally addressed now with release of PS3 demo. After the release of demo, it was riddled with frame rate, issues, jaggies, poor shadows and relatively lacks in visuals, it seems to be gotten worse. Reacting to IGN’s criticism, on unoptimized Crysis 2 PS3 demo, Crytek Executive Producer Nathan Camarilio spoke to PSN blog that he didn’t see any difference at all between PS3 and XBOX 360 versions.

Soldier-Centric Army Apps Coming Soon, Apple And Andorid Gets Drafted 0

Soldier-Centric Army Apps Coming Soon, Apple And Andorid Gets Drafted

What you users think in a sudden, you may have assumed any gaming apps or some fan clubs apps like that. However they are the Defense Contractors, trying to turn the US Army into a lethal Apple/Android force with this Soldier-Centric Apps. Harris Corp. has a tablet apps in that it allows the soldiers to control IP cameras on UAVs for more pertinent intel on the ground while the soldier can simultaneously send that information to the command centers anywhere in the World. Meanwhile, the Intelligent Software Solutions aims to bring mapping mash ups to the battlefield. With an apps that combines smartphones’ geolocations with historical data to show troops what’s being going down in the area from IED explosions to insurgent arrests. Best of all is that these apps lower training costs since most warriors are already fluent in Android or iOS and their hand held will be cheap to replace the more robust $10,000 units in the field today. Should protective measures fail, the devices relatively low replacement costs makes them almost disposable.

Google Adds Connection Bar In Gmail For iPhone 0

Google Adds Connection Bar In Gmail For iPhone

Google has added a new connection bar feature in its Gmail Mobile Version for iOS to provide basic information about the status of Internet connection and user mail activities. The new connection bar is similar to the status bar of a mobile web browser and this change has been implemented only in the iOS for iPhone and iPod touch devices.

Turn off JavaScript on your Blackberry, RIM issues PSA following Pwn2Own exploit 0

Turn off JavaScript on your Blackberry, RIM issues PSA following Pwn2Own exploit

Not only your Desktops Web browsers are getting hacked at this year’s Pwn2Own challenge, mobile browsers has also been targeted by the hackers for vulnerabilities and a fairly one big now been found in RIM’s browser for Blackberry OS 6. There is a JavaScript based bug that could let a ‘maliciously designed’ website gain access to data on both the phones internal storage and the memory card, but not in the data stored in the portion for the applications (such as e-mail or contacts). RIM says that it hasn’t seen any evidence of anyone exploiting the vulnerability, but its urging to disable JavaScript on affected devices, and it’s busy providing IT departments everywhere on how to do that so. If that proves to be complicated, it’s suggesting that you to simply disable the Blackberry browser until it is getting patched.

Web Apps not Speeding up in iOS 4.3 0

Web Apps not Speeding up in iOS 4.3

Your iPhone’s saved web apps or in-app browsers in the home screen seemed slower than Safari itself. Ars Technica has now confirmed that the pages or web apps loaded using these methods are not receiving the JavaScript boost added to Safari on iOS 4.3, which the site found is 2.5 times faster than Safari iOS 4.2. The problem is the apps is not having the necessary permissions to execute dynamically generated native code stored in writable memory, which basically leaves them running at the same speed they did in iOS 4.2. So, it has promoted some to speculate thats all a part of grand plan on Apple’s part to force developers to use full fledged apps instead of mobile apps, but what the Ars Technica told that could just as easily due to some technical problems.

IE9 Got 2.35 Million Downloads In First 24 Hours 0

IE9 Got 2.35 Million Downloads In First 24 Hours

Microsoft’s latest update of Internet Explorer 9 hits 2.35 million downloads in the first 24 hours, it’s not a big milestone on browser downloads in first 24. But, Microsoft is keen to make it a big hit. A post in the Internet Explorer’s official blog make use of the word ‘wow’ to explain the download numbers of IE9 in a day. But, with 8 million downloads Firefox3 got a Guinness World Record for the most software downloads in a day on 2008. Given Firefox for both Mac and PC, but it still beat Microsoft Windows’ new browser 3 time over. Anyways we like IE9, but we still think lot of modesty goes a long way.

Facebook For Android Updated To v1.5.2 0

Facebook For Android Updated To v1.5.2

The official Facebook application for Google Android has been updated and will let you upload photos from your mobile phone. The new Facebook for Android update v1.5.2 also has number of bug fixes and gets SSL layer security.This new update will bring added security and the ability to to use the mobile phone’s inbuilt camera to take images and upload them directly to Facebook. The pictures taken from the camera will be uploaded in perfect orientation.

HTC Thunderbolt supports voice and data over 3G 0

HTC Thunderbolt supports voice and data over 3G

HTC Thunderbolt is the first device on Verizon to support simultaneous voice and data over 3G. Online sources says that sale will be open from Thursday. The reports says that the device will not ship with the Verizon’s edition of Skype that features both voice and video calling support.