A Balanced Personality

balanced personality

A Balanced Personality defies description He is something of everything, yet a unique individual.

  • He is able to grasp the essentials of a problem quickly.
  • He has a healthy curiosity to know about new things.
  • He is able to arrive at a conclusion, based on logic and reason.
  • He is able to put across his ideas with ease & clarity.
  • He is able to adjust changes in his environment.
  • He is ever willing to participate with others to achieve results.
  • He is faithful to himself, his colleagues, & company.
  • He is disciplined and self-controlled.
  • He has an innate ability to differentiate between right and wrong and is courageous enough to do the right.
  • He has tremendous self-confidence and an ability to influence the group.
  • He has the ability to take initiative i.e. to take the first step and act first.
  • He is able to arrive at decisions quickly.
  • He has the ability to use intellectual resources effectively.
  • He is able and willing to accept responsibility.
  • He has a basic sense of security and is optimistic.
  • He is flexible when he finds new factors.
  • He has the ability to express love, anger, sadness in a sober manner, without being dominated by any emotions.
  • He is physically fit to withstand the rigors of life.

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