6 Rolex Timepieces: A Collection of Classic Watch Models To Check Out

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A wristwatch is one of the essential devices that people use every day. It keeps you on time in whatever you do. If you have an important meeting to attend or a deadline you have to meet, your wristwatch will significantly help you know how much time you have left and how much effort you still need to exert.

That is why many people have invested more money in a wristwatch because of its great importance and the help it gives you in using it every day. In line with this, the company will provide you with tons of options so you can invest in the right timepiece. Therefore, check this list of luxurious wristwatches below and find one that will suit your fashion taste and current lifestyle.

1. Explorer

The Rolex Explorer is one of the popular wristwatch models for many people worldwide. If you are the type of person who is into adventure, this is perfect for you. This particular watch model of Rolex has a design to stand against any tough conditions. Hence, if you are a mountaineer or a scientist who tends to be exposed to the extreme heat of the sun, heavy rain, and other bad weather conditions, this Explorer will stay active and functional no matter what.

There are various models of Explorer, and the pricing may differ from the other. Besides the durability and reliability of this watch, you will also find the design attractive and fantastic. The casing and the band are made of stainless steel, and it is also water-resistant. Hence, if you are into outdoor activities and you are an adventurous person, you need to have this wristwatch in your collection.

2. Sky-Dweller

If you love to travel, this Sky-Dweller watch is for you. It has a set of special features intended for people who frequently travel for various reasons. This watch has two different time zones shown on screen at the same time. Hence, if you are in other states with different time zones, this wristwatch will show you the accurate time of your current location and the state where you come from.

Moreover, the Sky-Dweller watch also has a yearly calendar, called Saros, that you can view anytime you want. The wristwatch uses an innovative system that can differentiate all months with thirty and thirty-one days, and it puts on color red on the current month of the year. It changes the date based on the local time, and it will follow the time zone of the location you are currently staying.

Besides the innovative and technical capabilities of the Sky-Dweller watch, the overall design is also worth the price. Its band is made of a high-quality elastomer, and it's the first time to have this type of band in Rolex's classic watch collection. Hence, this Sky-Dweller watch undoubtedly deserves to be part of your watch collection.

3. Datejust

The Datejust has several versions, and the design and pricing may also vary from one another. There is one model of Datejust that has forty-six brilliant-cut pieces of diamonds on its bezel, and the dial display has an elegant sunray finish. Besides that, the hour markers are in roman numerals.

The other versions of Datejust have different colors of the dial display. You can have white, green, dark gray, and other color display options. The hour markers and the hands of the Datejust versions have eighteen ct white gold on its bezel. Hence, if you are looking for a classic wristwatch with an elegant overall look finish, you will surely do not want to miss any of these Datejust wristwatches and add them to your favorite collection.

4. Day-Date

The Day-Date has been considered as one of the status watches of this generation. The outstanding accuracy, reliability, durability, and the possession of luxury and beauty make this particular Rolex watch a symbol of wealth and popularity. This watch has a caliber 3255 and has been successfully designed to have the most innovative movement that was produced by the excellent and flawless manufacturing procedure of the company.

Moreover, this Day-Date timepiece has become the leading masterpiece in the watchmaking art of excellence. As previously mentioned, it has a hundred percent precision. Besides that, it can also stand against shocks and even exposure to any magnetic field. It has the technology to make its power last even longer. Hence, the Day-Date watch is undeniably one of the best options for you to include in your favorite list.

5. Cellini

One of the watches that are part of the Rolex classic collection is the Cellini. It is traditional, but it possesses a contemporary approach to its style. This particular Rolex watch was derived from the name of a prestigious artist in Italy, called Benvenuto Cellini. Until today, this watch continues to celebrate its undying elegance to stand out among other watch brands.

This watch is one of the products of an excellent artistic way of watchmaking that had gained so many consumers and earned so much popularity in this industry many years ago up until today, in this era of modernity. The structure is so refined. The materials used have reached the highest level of durability and reliability, leaving the overall design and style in complete luxury and fascination.

6. Air-King

There are watches you can use while you are doing extreme outdoor sports and while you are sailing in the middle of the deepest ocean. This Air-King has been successfully designed to reach its hundred percent functionality and reliability even when you're on the plane flying in the air.

The Air-King has a dial display in an elegant color black. As you all know, the color black fits in almost everything you wear. Besides that, the band is made of solid-linked Oyster design, and its casing is forty millimeters in thickness. The style is interestingly fashionable, and it will not only fit in those people with age, but it will also look good on the young people's wrist.

In A Nutshell

The watchmaking company offers tons of fantastic options that you can choose from based on your personality and chosen lifestyle. Hence, if you want to have a good investment in your wristwatch now, do not forget the glamorous and luxurious choices in the Rolex collection.

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