Lindsay Lohan Expands GTA 5 Lawsuit

Lindsay Lohan Expands GTA 5 Lawsuit
Lindsay Lohan Expands GTA 5 Lawsuit

Lindsay Lohan has escalated her complaint against Rockstar over allegedly improper use of her likeness in GTA 5. The Grand Theft Auto V advertising includes the bikini-clad girl allegedly modeled after the actress.

The new document includes dozens of pages of GTA V marketing materials and merchandise, which it claims were specifically modelled after several of Lohan's appearances and do not constitute transformative fair use.

Lindsay Lohan Vs GTA 5

The examples single out two pieces of promotional art for the game; one shows a blonde woman in a bikini making a peace sign and another one shows a blonde woman being arrested against the hood of a car.

These images appeared in many of the GTA 5 game's promotional campaigns and on merchandise from T-shirts to coffee mugs. Lohan's suit argues that these alleged promotional and merchandising uses of her image are not protected by Rockstar and Take-Two's First Amendment right to free speech or New York state law.

Rockstar and parent company Take-Two derided her claims as a bid for media attention and sought a dismissal in court filings reported in August. Take-Two said in the filings Lohan's image was not used, and that the Lacey Jonas character resembles her only insofar as they are both young, blonde women.

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