Destiny Bug Leaks DLC Mission Names And Descriptions

Destiny Bug Leaks DLC Mission Names And Descriptions
Destiny Bug Leaks DLC Mission Names And Descriptions

A bug in Destiny has reportedly leaked the mission names and descriptions about locations of several pieces of content to arrive with DLC, on due in December. According to a YouTube video posted by "Scott M" (who is not the original owner of the video), the expansions will collectively introduce at least two raids and four strike missions.


As you see in the video, when the bug occurs the map shows several new areas, locked areas, some of them have been already announced as DLC. The events include new Story Missions, Strikes, and Raids; all of them take place on planets that are already included in the main game.

The names of the expansions in the video match up with the names of the planned DLC expansions: The Dark Below, which will be out sometime in December, and House of Wolves, which is coming sometime next year. It also shows the Iron Banner, a free multiplayer event coming in October.

This bug doesnt reveal a number of new additions that comes with what we are expecting with expansions, there can be more other additions like new gear, bounties, crucible maps, etc. Descriptions for House of Wolves content seems incomplete, though. When highlighted in-game, a raid mission apparently tied to the second expansion simply reads, "Reef Raid Description." That's at least better than the House of Wolves strike mission on the moon, which reads, "moon_portal_1." But then, Destiny hasn't really been known for having stellar dialogue.

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