Borderlands 2 Three Horns Divide Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Three Horns Divide Walkthrough

Three Horns Divide is the first area in Borderlands 2 that includes the Catch-a-Ride system, which gives us the possibility to get a vehicle in order to move faster through the games world.


The Borderlands 2 Three Horns Divide region opens to us by completing the Best Minion Ever mission, and its accessible to us using the exit point located on Claptraps boat from Southern Shelf area.

Using the world map, we take a look at Three Horns Divide zone to see the available exit points to other areas. The south exit point lets us go back to Southern Shelf, or we can use the two exit points from the west side to travel to another important area, Three Horns Valley. The north exit point can get us to the safest place on Pandora, called Sanctuary, while the east one can be used to access Frostburn Canyon.

Later in the game, another exit point will be available in the northern side of the map, a point that leads to Tundra Express.

Unlike the previous areas, Three Horns Divide is larger, so well need to make use of the Catch-a-Ride systems scattered across the map. In Three Horns Divide, we can find a new type of enemy, the Nomad, and we also find some stinging cactuses, that cause massive electric damage if we touch them. There are two larger enemy bases and a few smaller ones, and in order to make the most out of this zone, we can follow the Borderlands 2 walkthrough bellow, which explains how to complete all quests in Three Horns Divide.

List of Missions

Story Missions

Optional Missions

Borderlands 2 Three Horns Divide Maps

Borderlands 2 Three Horns Divide Map

Borderlands 2 Three Horns Divide Map

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