Borderlands 2 Medical Mystery Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Medical Mystery Walkthrough

Completing Do No Harm mission for Dr. Zed unlocks another optional mission, known as Borderlands 2 Medical Mystery.


Borderlands 2 Medical Mystery can be acquired by talking to Dr. Zed in Sanctuary, who would like us to go to Three Horns Valley and investigate what mysterious weapon caused the injuries to his patients.


Some civilians from Three Horns Valley have been showing up at Dr. Zeds clinic with unexplainable wounds bullet wounds without bullets, burn marks without charring. Hed like you to head out to Three Horns Valley and get your hands on whatevers causing these injuries.

Level: 8


Money: $55

Experience: 791 XP


To finish Borderlands 2 Medical Mystery, first we head down to Three Horns Valley and we enter Dr. Mercys Lair via the waypoint near Southpaw Steam & Power.

When we go inside well be prompted to search for a special weapon. In this cave well find the usual enemies, so we move to the second waypoint, killing all of them. Near the waypoint well encounter Doc Mercy, an enemy with a large shield, who shoots some purple bullets that do massive amounts of damage.

While his shield can be dropped quick enough, his life bar will require a little more shooting, so we have to take cover if we dont want to lose all of our health.

When we finally kill Doc Mercy, Dr. Zed will instruct us to pick up his weapon, and if we press the action button twice we can also activate the next mission, called Medical Mystery: X-Com-municate.

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