Borderlands 2 Cult Following: The Enkindling Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Cult Following: The Enkindling Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 Cult Following: The Enkindling is the fourth and final mission in the Cult Following series that can be acquired by speaking to Incinerator Clayton, after we finish the previous mission, Cult Following: Lighting the Match.


In Borderlands 2 Cult Following: The Enkindling we have to attend the ceremony known as Enkindling in order to give Lilith a final answer about this group of cultists.


Lilith is relatively sure that the Children of the Firehawk are harmless, but she wants you to investigate this whole Enkindling thing before you let the cult off the hook entirely.

Level: 9


Item: Shield Upgrade

Experience: 1450 XP


Our first objective is to light 3 effigies with fire (the bird like metallic totems) scattered around Frostburn Canyon.

For this, we must shoot them with a fire weapon (elemental gun). The first effigy is in the same location where we receive our mission from Incinerator Clayton.

Another one is on the hill near the vending machines, while the third one is on a tall cliff on the north-eastern side of the map. Once the effigies are lit, we can go to attend the Enkindling (west side of the map).

After we arrive at the waypoint, we eliminate all enemies and we receive a new objective telling us that we have to pull a lever. Pulling the lever thats on Claytons right side (he moved in this area since our last objective) brings down a cage above the fire with some Sanctuary citizens in it.

At this moment Lilith appears as the Firehawk, and she tells us to eliminate Incinerator Clayton and the cultists. Clayton is a melee attacking enemy, so we need to move away from him while shooting him.

Also, if he manages to attack us, its recommended that we use a shield that inflicts elemental damage to melee attackers (no fire damage). The fight shouldnt take too long using the proper weapons and skills, so after all the enemies are gone we can return to Sanctuary to turn in the Borderlands 2 Cult Following: The Enkindling mission to Lilith, and receive a powerful shield for our character.

At this point we can continue to complete more missions in Sanctuary, or if we follow the story mission, we will eventually reach the Three Horns Valley region.

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