Samsung Norway Hints Some Features Of Galaxy S6

Samsung Norway Hints Some Features Of Galaxy S6
Samsung Norway Hints Some Features Of Galaxy S6

Samsung's Norway website seems intent on spilling some of the beans regarding the upcoming Galaxy S6, slated to launch on March 1 in Barcelona.

Samsung Norway Hints Some Features Of Galaxy S6

The website asks "Is this the next Galaxy?", followed by three rumors. The first one is "One feature that we might see is forward-facing stereo speakers." The second one is "The new Galaxy is expected to be durable." And the third one is "Samsung Galaxy display is supposed to reach onto 3 sides."

Samsung Galaxy S6 Features Leaked

What makes these features likely to be present is that they seem quite plausible and secondly, Samsung wouldn't mention them if it wasn't going to include them. The third one in particular refers to the curved edge screen, which we are pretty sure at this point will be present from all the teasers.

This makes us fairly certain that the stereo speakers and the rugged/water resistant body hinted by the website will also make it to the final product.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Features Leaked

Samsung Norway added a new rumor, number four, which says "It has been rumored that the new Galaxy will feature a larger display." So we can now add a larger display to the list of other features that we expect from the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Launch

Actually, one of the previously listed rumors is not a rumor anymore. Samsung provided teasers to T-Mobile and AT&T and Sprint that show the Galaxy S6 with curved glass covering at least one of the sides of the phone. We are going to go out on a limb and say that both sides are probably covered.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 will see the light of day during MWC 2015 in Barcelona on March 1st.

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Update: After teasing displays, stereo speakers and the like, they are now hinting at the rumored glass surface that the S6's metal chassis is allegedly going to be covered with and hints a flexible display.


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