How To Use Virtual Tour - Samsung Galaxy Alpha

How To Use Virtual Tour - Samsung Galaxy Alpha
How To Use Virtual Tour - Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Learn how to use virtual tour on your Samsung Galaxy Alpha. Use this shooting mode to take photos in a space by moving forwards, or rotating left or right. Photos of the space are taken from different angles. You can view the photos in a slideshow and simulate actually moving through the space. The device identifies the photo in Gallery.

  • Tap Camera on the Apps screen.
  • Tap MODE > Virtual tour.
  • Move with the device to position the dot inside the large circle in the center of the preview screen.

When the circle's border turns blur, the device starts to take photos.

  • Move slowly forwards, or rotate left or right while taking photos.

Whenever the dot is inside the circle, the device takes a photo automatically.

  • Repeat this action to take more photos.

To see preview of the photo, tap > at the bottom left of the screen. The direction where images were taken is displayed on each preview thumbnail.

To delete the last photo that was taken, tap Undo.

  • To finish, tap Stop icon.

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