How To Use On Screen Phone - LG G2

How To Use On Screen Phone - LG G2
How To Use On Screen Phone - LG G2

Learn how to use on screen phone on your LG G2. On-Screen Phone allows you to remotely control your mobile phone from a PC via a USB and Wi-Fi connection. You can also control your mobile phone from your PC using the mouse or keyboard.

On-Screen Phone icons

  • Changes the On-Screen Phone preferences. Connects your mobile phone to your PC, or disconnects it.
  • Minimizes the On-Screen Phone window. Maximizes the On-Screen Phone window. Exits the On-Screen Phone program.

On-Screen Phone features

  • Real-time transfer and control: Displays and controls your mobile phone screen when connected to your PC.
  • Mouse control: Allows you to control your mobile phone by using the mouse to click and drag on your PC screen.
  • Text input with keyboard: Allows you to compose a text message or note using your computer keyboard.
  • File transfer (mobile phone to PC): Sends a file from your mobile phone (e.g. Gallery, Video Player, Music and Polaris Office) to your PC. Simply rightclick on the file and drag it to send it to your PC.
  • File transfer (PC to mobile phone): Sends files from your PC to your mobile phone. Just select the files you wish to transfer and drag and drop them into the On-Screen Phone window. The sent files are stored in the OSP folder.

Note: Please make sure that LG Home is the default launcher.

  • Real-time event notifications:
  • Prompts a pop-up to inform you of any incoming calls or text messages, as well as alarm and event notifications.

How to install On-Screen Phone on your PC

  • Visit "LG". Locate the search box in the upper right corner and enter the model number. From the SUPPORT list, select your model. Scroll down and select the OSP tab and click on DOWNLOAD. When prompted, select Run to install On-Screen Phone on your PC.

How to connect your mobile phone to your PC

  • On-Screen Phone provides, USB, and Wi-Fi connection. Please follow the instructions on the Connection Wizard of the On-Screen Phone program.

Note: To use On-Screen Phone using Wi-Fi connection, from the Home screen tap the Menu Key > All settings > General tab > PC connection > On-Screen Phone checkbox is selected.

  • Please make sure that the battery may run out more quickly due to the current consumption if On -Screen Phone is connected via Wi-Fi.
  • When you connect your mobile phone to your PC via Mobile Hotspot and access to the Internet on the PC, additional data charges may be incurred depending on your DataPro data plan.
  • Access to the Internet using Wi-Fi networks may not work well depending on the network's traffic. When you enlarge the On-Screen Phone window, the display on the screen might become slow.

To check the phone-to-PC connection

  • Once the devices have been connected, drag the Status Bar down to check the On-Screen Phone connection status.

To disconnect your phone from your PC

  • Click in the top left of the On-Screen Phone window. Alternatively, drag the Status Bar down and select On-Screen Phone connected > OK.

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