How To Use Contacts - Samsung Galaxy Mega

How To Use Contacts - Samsung Galaxy Mega
How To Use Contacts - Samsung Galaxy Mega

Learn how to use contacts on your Samsung Galaxy Mega. Dialing or messaging from address book, Linking, Marking a contact as default.

Dialing or Messaging from Address Book

Once you have stored phone numbers in the Address Book, you can dial them easily and quickly by either using their SIM card location number or by using the Search field to locate the entry.

  • From the Address book, you can also send messages.

Finding an Address Book Entry

You can store phone numbers and their corresponding names onto your SIM card and phones onboard memory. The two locations are physically separate but are used as a single entity, called the Address Book. Depending on your particular SIM card, the maximum number of phone numbers the SIM card can store and how they are stored may differ.

  • From the Home screen, tap Contacts

  • Within the Contacts list (sorted alphabetically), tap a letter on the right side of the display to quickly jump to the contacts beginning with that letter.

  • Tap the contact you wish to call or message.

  • Tap the phone icon to make a phone call or tap the message icon to send a message.

Adding Contacts

Use the following procedure to add a new contact to your Address Book.

Saving a Number from the Home screen

  • From the Home screen, tap Contacts > name fields.

  • At the Save contact to prompt, tap on Device, SIM, or Account name.

  • Tap the image icon and assign a picture to the new entry by choosing one of three options:

  • Image: retrieve a previously stored image from your Gallery or from your My files folder and assign it to this entry. Tap an image to assign the image to the contact, then tap Done.

  • Pictures by people: retrieve a previously shared image from your Gallery.

  • Take picture: use the camera to take a new picture and assign it to this entry, then tap Done.

  • S Memo: use an image from one of your S Memos.

  • Remove: although not an option with a new entry, deletes any tap OK. previously assigned image on an existing contact.

  • Tap the Name field and use the on-screen keypad to enter the full name. For more information, refer to "Enter Text."

  • Tap next to the Name field to display additional name fields.

    • Tap the Phone number field. The numerical keypad is displayed. The Mobile button initially displays next to the Phone number field. If you want to add a phone number that is not a mobile number, tap Mobile the Mobile button and select another phone number type.

    • Enter the phone number. Tap Add to add another Phone number field or tap Delete to delete a field.

    • Tap the Email address field. The keyboard is displayed.

    • The Home button initially displays next to the Email field. If you want to add an Email address that is not a Home email address, tap the Home button and select another Email address type.

    • Enter the Email address. Tap Add to add another Email address field or tap Delete to delete a field.

    • Tap any of the following fields that you want to add to your new contact:

    • Groups: assign the contact to Not assigned, ICE - emergency contacts, Co-workers, Family, or Friends.

    • Ringtone: adds a field used to assign a message tone that will sound when messages are received from this contact.

    • Message alert: allows you to set the ringtone for your message alerts.

    • Vibration pattern: allows you to set the specific type of vibration.

    • Add another field: tap this button to add additional fields.

    • Tap Save to save the new contact.

    Adding Pauses to Contact Numbers

    When you call automated systems, you are often required to enter a password or account number. Instead of manually entering the numbers each time, you can store the numbers in your Contacts along with special characters called pauses and waits. A pause will stop the calling sequence for two seconds and a wait will pause the calling sequence until you enter a number or press a key.

    To add a pause or a wait to an existing Contact:

    • From the Home screen, tap Contacts , and then tap the name or number to open the Contact.

    • Tap Edit to edit.

    • Tap thePhone number field.

    • Tap the screen at the position where the pause or wait needs to be added.

    • Tap Symbol

    • Tap Pause(,) to add a two-second pause or tap Wait(;) to add a wait, and use the keypad to enter the additional numbers. A pause will be displayed as a comma (,) and a wait will be displayed as a semi-colon (;).

    • Tap Save to save your changes, or tap Cancel to discard.

    Editing an Existing Contact

    When editing an existing contact, you can tap a field and change or delete the information, or you can add additional fields to the contacts list of information.

    • From the Home screen, tap Contacts icon.

    • Press and hold the Contact that you want to edit.

    • Tap Edit.

    • Tap any of the fields to add, change, or delete information.

    • Tap Save to save the edited information

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