How To Use Blocking Mode On Samsung Galaxy Note 4

How To Use Blocking Mode On Samsung Galaxy Note 4
How To Use Blocking Mode On Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Learn how to use blocking mode on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. On the Settings screen, tap Blocking mode, and then tap the Blocking mode switch to activate it.

  • From a Home Screen, tap Apps icon > Settings.
  • Tap Blocking mode.
  • Tap ON/OFF to turn the feature on and configure the following options.
    • Block incoming calls: Block all calls except for the people on your allowed list.
    • Disable notifications: Block all notifications.
    • Disable alarm and timer: Block all alarms and timers.
    • Configure a time frame for these features to be active. Remove the check mark from the Always field to configure the From and To time fields.
  • Tap Allowed contacts to assign those contacts that are exempted from these rules. You can select:
    • None: Block notifications from all contacts.
    • All contacts: Allow notifications from all contacts.
    • Favorites: Allow notifications only from contacts that are marked as Favorites.
    • Group: Allow notifications only from contacts in specific groups.
    • Custom: Create a custom list of contacts for whom notifications will appear when Blocking Mode is enabled.
  • Allowed contact list: Manage your allowed list.
  • Allowed contact groups: Manage groups on your allowed list.

Note: When Blocking Mode is enabled, - icon displays in the Status Bar.

Note: Refer for more information on Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

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