How To Use Alarm App - Samsung Galaxy Alpha

How To Use Alarm App - Samsung Galaxy Alpha
How To Use Alarm App - Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Learn how to use alarm app on your Samsung Galaxy Alpha. Set alarms for reminders or for wake-up times. You can add, edit, delete, snooze and etc.,


  • On the Apps screen, tap Clock > Alarm.

Setting alarms

  • Tap Add icon in the alarms list, set an alarm time, select the days on which the alarm will repeat, set other various alarm options, and then tap Save. To activate or deactivate alarms, tap Alarm icon next to the alarm in the alarms list.
    • Snooze: Set an interval and the number of times for the alarm to repeat after the preset time.
    • Smart alarm: Set a time and tone for the smart alarm. A smart alarm starts at a low volume a few minutes before a preset alarm is scheduled to sound. The volume of the smart alarm increases gradually until you turn it off or the preset alarm sounds.

Stopping alarms

  • Drag Stop icon outside the large circle to stop an alarm. If you have previously enabled the snooze option, drag zZ icon outside the large circle to repeat the alarm after a specified length of time.

Deleting alarms

  • Tap Menu icon > Delete, select alarms, and then tap Done.

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