How To Manage Downloads On Nexus 7

How To Manage Downloads On Nexus 7
How To Manage Downloads On Nexus 7

To manage most downloads; touch the Downloads icon on the All Apps screen. Note that movies and some other content can be downloaded to your tablet but wont show up in the Downloads app, continue reading the article below to manage downloads on Google Nexus 7.

Unless you pin (download) content such as books or movies to your tablet so you can access it offline, Google Play streams your purchases and rentals from Google servers while youre playing them so they dont occupy any permanent storage space.

In addition to downloading content from Google Play, you can download files from Gmail messages or a variety of other sources. Use the Downloads app to view, reopen, or delete what youve downloaded in this way.

Some mobile networks restrict the size of the files you can download, to manage the demands on their networks or to help you avoid unexpected charges. When you try to download an oversized- file when connected to such networks, you may be required to delay downloading until your device is connected to a Wi-Fi network, when the download will resume automatically. You can view and manage these queued files in the Downloads app as well.

From the Download app:

  • Touch an item to open it.
  • Touch headings for earlier downloads to view them.
  • Check items you want to share. Then touch the Share icon and choose a sharing method from the list.
  • Check items you want to delete. Then touch the Trash icon.
  • At the bottom of the screen, touch Sort by size or Sort by date to switch back and forth.
  • Files available in the Download app can also be viewed in the Download directory thats visible when your tablet is connected to a computer. You can view and copy files from this directory.

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