How To Get Sports Score - LG G Watch

How To Get Sports Score - LG G Watch
How To Get Sports Score - LG G Watch

Learn how to get sports score on your LG G Watch. You can get the upcoming weather, translate greetings into many languages, convert currency, and more. Check out the examples below to learn about some of the things Android Wear can do for you.

Language availability for voice tips

  • Most of the tips below work if your language is set to English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, or Brazilian Portuguese. Some voice actions are not available in all languages and countries.

Get sports scores and schedules

  • Sports scores and upcoming games will show up as cards. You can also speak to your watch to get the score for a current game, or see when your team plays next.
    Sports cards are not available in all regions.

Speak to see sports info

  • Make sure the watch is awake.
  • Say Ok Google. Youll see a white screen with a red g.
  • Say the following:
    • "When is the next Mets game?"
    • "How did Leeds United do?"

Choose which teams to get updates for

  • To get updates for your favorite teams, you can customize your teams in Google Now.

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