How To Charge Battery - HTC One M8

How To Charge Battery - HTC One M8
How To Charge Battery - HTC One M8

Learn how to Charge Battery on your HTC One M8. Before you turn on and start using HTC One, it is recommended that you charge the battery.


Use only the adapter and the USB cable that came with HTC One to charge the battery. When the battery power is too low, make sure to use the power adapter to charge, not the USB cable connection with your computer.

  • Insert the small end of the USB cable into the USB connector.

  • Insert the other end of the USB cable into the power adapter.
  • Plug in the power adapter to an electrical outlet to start charging the battery.


  • As a safety precaution, the battery may stop charging to avoid overheating.
  • When you're using the Internet and charging the battery, HTC One may become warmer. This is normal.
  • To conserve energy, unplug the power adapter from the electrical outlet after you finish charging.

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