How To Browse Web On HTC One

How To Browse Web On HTC One
How To Browse Web On HTC One

Learn how to browse the web and change the settings of browser on your HTC One.

  • Open the Internet app.
  • Tap the URL box on top of the screen.

Note: If the webpage is in full screen mode, flick the screen down to show the URL box and other options.

  • Enter the webpage address or your search keywords.
  • On the webpage, you can:
    • Tap a link to open it, or press and hold a link to see more options.
    • Tap an email address to send a message to the email address.
    • Press and hold an image to save, copy, or set it as your wallpaper.
  • To return to the previous webpage you've viewed, tap Menu icon, and then tap < or > icons.

How to switch to Read mode in browser on HTC One

  • Want to read a Web article without distractions? Read mode removes menus, banners, and backgrounds from a webpage.

Note: Read mode may not be available on certain webpages.

  • While viewing a webpage, tap Read mode on icon before the URL address. The browser remains in Read mode even when you browse other pages on the same website.
  • To turn Read mode off, tap Read mode off icon.

How to maximize your browsing space on HTC One

  • To hide the status bar when browsing, tap Menu icon > Settings > General, and then select Fullscreen.
  • While browsing a webpage, tap Menu icon > Desktop View to display the full desktop version of the webpage.

How to use browser tabs on HTC One

  • Open multiple browser tabs and quickly switch from one webpage to another.
  • Open the Internet app.
  • To add a browser tab, tap tab icon > + add icon. Repeat the same to open new browser tabs.
  • To switch among browser tabs, tap tabs icon and swipe to the webpage you want to view. Tap the browser tab to display the webpage in full screen.
  • To close a browser tab, tap tabs icon, and then tap X close icon.

How to save web content for later on HTC One

Save webpages to read later, even without an Internet connection. You can also add some video clips on webpages to the Watch list so you can quickly find and watch them whenever you like.

Note: HTC One saves webpage text and images only. You will need Internet connection to open linked pages and play video clips.

  • While viewing a webpage, tap Menu icon > + add icon.
  • Tap Reading list or Watch list.

Note: When the webpage you're adding to the Watch list has one or more video clips, you'll be asked to choose which videos you want to add.

  • To view a saved webpage or video clip, tap Menu icon > Saved. Swipe to the Reading list or Watch list, and then tap a webpage or video you want to view.

How to set browser options on HTC One

  • Customize the web browser to suit your browsing style. Set display, privacy, and security options when using the web browser.
  • From the browser screen, tap Menu icon > Settings.

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