Google Sends A Smart Bluetooth LE Device To FCC. Could Be Next Version Of Google Glass.

Google Glass
Google Glass

Google has sent an unknown "Smart Bluetooth Low Energy" device to FCC for certification. The device with FCC Id - A4R-CAP1, may be the next version of Google Glass based on a few tidbits in the attached documentation.

The FCC filing contains an image in the attached label diagram showing an on-screen mockup of what the digital FCC ID (versus a physically imprinted FCC ID label) would look like to a user on the device. Moreover, it looks a lot like a Glass card.

FCC ID - A4R-CAP1 - Google Glass

FCC ID - A4R-CAP1 - Google Glass

The FCC's new e-labeling rules for FCC IDs require that the ID be accessible within three steps for the end user. The document says a left-to-right swipe (touch sensitive!) will get you to the device details area, and a swipe up will get you to the label. This kind of navigation should be familiar to Google Glass users. It also mention an Android-like firmware revision and a battery help, too.

There is the possibility that this is a different gadget which uses Glass-style navigation, but that seems less than likely.

Source: FCC

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