Android Bluetooth Headset Review (Video)

Android Bluetooth Headset Review (video)

A small Android has once again managed in the four walls of nDevil and somewhat excited. This little kit has a good 2 Watt speakers , which can even reach 95 dB and to do so by holding up to 5 hours at meetings. It can be charged directly from mini-USB in just 80 minutes and a stable on-off switch is also available, with 300 hours standby time, talk to yourself.

In no time the Android Bluetooth is paired with IOS or other devices, the robot is not picky and you can listen to music or answer calls. In the two eyes is the stereo microphone, which also results in the car to clear understandable conversations.

The white neck flashes correspond to each state. If it's just blue, it is connected via Bluetooth and can be used regularly. With the turn of the head to the right or left to change the volume and the pressures to take calls and puts it on again. Unfortunately, there is no way to get to the next or last song, the poor are there just for decoration.

Disadvantages of Android, are not attached the the base metal, even if it is providing better sound, by the correspondingly larger space for the mono speaker. You can also to regulate the volume- head do not rotate, but must always nudge him again, but what it does fairly exhausting, if you suddenly wants to settle down, which goes over the phone faster.

Otherwise it is solidly built and comfortable slip rubber feet thanks to it does not look really cute and also from. It is the 20 in any case, if only as a decoration on your desk or anywhere else.



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