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The development of the Internet has opened up many new opportunities for individuals and legal entities. One of them is SIP telephony, with SIP trunks being part of the technology. To ensure high-quality multi-channel communication, it is enough to have a dedicated Internet with a speed of at least 128 Kb / s and a gateway or IP telephone. Using this technology will save you a lot of time, reduce financial costs, and simplify many business processes within a huge corporation.

The SIP trunk is ordered by commercial enterprises to create a corporate network and is highly popular among individuals for home use. SIP telephony has a number of advantages over the usually fixed phones. It is not surprising that SIP trunk technology is preferred by advanced users and experienced managers. It is only important to select a SIP trunk provider most confident standing on the market.

Benefits of the Solution

Corporate telephony systems have replaced the use of conventional analog lines in favor of PBX (automatic telephone exchange) paired with the connection to ISDN according to the PRI standard. However, not so long ago, a modern, cheaper, and more flexible way of connecting PBXs office has appeared; the new technology is called SIP-trunking.

SIP-Trunking Features & Benefits
SIP-Trunking Features & Benefits

Taking into account all the new features of the solution, SIP-trunk telephony has a number of advantages for the business:

  • Low-cost line rental - SIP-trunk can work without telephone lines; you only need an Internet connection. No matter how many phones are connected to the SIP-trunk, only one connection to the ISP is needed. No extra phone lines are required; thus, incoming and outgoing calls are getting cheaper. To establish the connection becomes less than the cost of the call itself. This cost is reduced due to the competition between the providers of SIP-trunk telephony services. Many operators offer contracts with unlimited calls;
  • Improved customer service - Due to the use of IP telephony, the cost of even international calls is reduced. You can expand the geography of contacts in your business and/or expand your regional representation in business;
  • Improve business communication - If your office has changed its location for any reason, then with SIP-trunk, you will restore your numbers as quickly as possible. You just need to navigate to the new office Internet;
  • You do not need VoIP-gateways. Connect your SIP phone, computer or mobile device to the Internet and make calls. You can easily connect an IP PBX to SIP-trunk. Solutions that use IP PBX connectivity increase employee productivity and improve working conditions;
  • Flexibility - With the use of SIP-trunk, the addition of new numbers is a simple thing, in case the number of employees has increased. No extra installation or commissioning is needed;
  • Multichannel phone numbers - SIP allows you to easily adjust the number of channels in a multi-channel telephone number. You can choose as many channels as you really need. No extra costs can be expected.

SIP-trunk is a reliable, modern solution aimed at providing high-quality communication services at low prices. If you want to increase your business efficiency with no extra cost, then it is time for you to consider using SIP-trunk technology.

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