Wall Street Journal reported iPad2 in Production

Apple iPad 2 in production

WSJ has reported that iPad2 was in production and this new edition will have a better hardware than the iPad while the display resolution remains the same. The WSJ also siad that the new iPad2 will be available on Verizon and AT&T. This new iPad2 is expected to be in the same price range as the old one, but the details needs to be confirmed. Like the old iPad, the iPad2 is being assembled by Foxconn.

WSJ report does not reveal much other than saying the new iPad 2 is thinner, ligher and faster. It may be another set of rumor circling around the release of iPad2, considering the WSJ report does not say anything about rear camera, while it talks about the front facing camera. (May be the it is true and the rear camera is a rumor, which we will not know until iPad2 is released.)

Whether it is a rumor or not, one thing is sure, with all the hype surrounding iPad2, Xoom, Dell's Windows 7 based tablet, HP's Web OS based tablet, this spring is going to be very colorful and interesting for all gadget lovers.

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