Is my campaign doomed without an AdWords Consultant?

Ad Words Campaign

If you are even considering a DIY job on your digital marketing, you need to ask yourself whether you know your PPC from your targeted keywords? Of course, by the time you start considering digital marketing, you will be aware of quite a bit, but in all likelihood, not enough to attempt running the campaign by yourself. Imagine the amount of time you could save by outsourcing this specialized skill to a search marketing consultant and freeing yourself up to focus on the essential matters of your business.

Who are you talking to?

If you are selling it, you can bet that someone out there is looking for it. But if people cannot find you, they cannot use your product or service, and that is why you need to make sure that your content addresses that which people need from you. Keywords are key to your placement in the rankings on search engines but serve the dual purpose of explaining what your business is about – so load up those keywords when you are developing your copy!

Your content matters

Where you appear in a search is determined by the Quality Score according to which your search engine ranks you. A high score means more eyes on you, and a greater presence on the web. The only one who can improve that score is you – or a digital marketing professional, of course.

If you do not have an adequate landing page, it is unlikely that your clicks are going to convert. If you do not yet have enough reasons to bring in the pros, here is a big one: they understand the nuances of landing page design and knows how to make your page perform within the greater picture, where your competition is taken into account.

So much to do, so little time

No-one said running a business was easy. If you think about it, do you really have the capacity to run your business and take care of the marketing requirements – both digital and “real world”? Are you able to research and understand your needs when it comes to optimizing your keywords and boosting your rankings in a search? Chances are not high. Time remains the ultimate currency that is directly linked to money, and although you may become impatient waiting for your campaign to yield results, hiring a paid search marketing consultant to take care of the digital side of things is a good move and one you are unlikely to regret. Put simply – play towards your strengths in business and outsource the AdWords Consultants.

Where do we go from here?

A good ad is not the be-all and end-all of your presence on the internet. As with most commitments, the experience you give your customers after the click is what really matters. Think about aspects like, where does the click take them? Do you have a keyword-optimized landing page, and does it address the questions that your potential customer came to solve by clicking on your link? You get the idea. The full, integrated experience is where you do all the relationship building.

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