4 good reasons to try out mobile gaming

Mobile Gaming
Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming on iOS and Android platforms (tablets and smartphones) constitutes the biggest consumer segment in the gaming industry today. As per Newzoo Data, there were around 2.4 billion people who played mobile games in the year 2019 alone.

It will not be wrong to state that mobile gaming’s popularity is at an all-time high today and continues to grow with each passing day. Regardless, there is still a great multitude of players who are reluctant to use their mobiles for gaming purposes and continue to stay loyal to their Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and/or Xbox One consoles. Let us look into four good reasons which might encourage them to try out mobile gaming soon.

Highly portable gaming platform

It will not be wrong to state that mobile phones are by far the most portable when it comes to gaming platforms. Other than the fact that they can be easily accommodated in pockets, the best of phones also have a longer battery life, much longer than portable consoles. In fact, some of them have batteries that can last even 14 to 15 hours without a recharge. Compare that to the battery life of Nintendo Switch Portable which does not last more than six hours at a time and you would know what we are talking about here! Even the best of tablet PCs like iPad Pro and Galaxy Tab have longer battery lives compared to Switch, and hence can be an excellent alternative to play video games on.

Nintendo is making inroads into the mobile gaming arena

Big-name publishers like Nintendo and others have understood the importance and the reach of mobile video games. As a result, you no longer require a Nintendo console to enjoy your favorite Mario games anymore. The company now offers Mario games for mobile devices too. It launched Mario Kart Tour for mobile phones in September 2019, its biggest mobile games release ever. Prior to that Miitomo and Super Mario Run were its initial games for the mobile platform. Apart from Mario Kart Tour, players can also enjoy other popular mobile titles like Dr. Mario World and Fire Hero Emblems today.

Freely Available Games

Freely available games for iOS and Android platforms have proven to be a big game-changer in this space and are one of the biggest reasons why more and more people are switching to mobile gaming today. Many of these games are monetized through ads, but that is not too distracting for the players. Mobile games like Hearthstone and Dominations offer in-app purchases, enabling players to turn off ads too. Compare that to Xbox One games which retail anywhere in the vicinity of $ 50 or $ 60 online, these freely available mobile games offer far better value for money.

Easy pairing of PlayStation and Xbox gamepads with mobile phones

Many players argue that the touchpad controls are not the best for some video games. However, it is important to know that one can easily pair their Xbox and PS4 controllers with their mobile devices and enjoy the same games with the same level of convenience. In addition, there are several decent gamepads available for mobile devices, like Razor Serval, GameSir T1, Moga Hero Power, and SteelSeries Stratus, which are also excellent alternatives!

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