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How To Use Calendar - Samsung Galaxy S5

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Eco friendly Electricity generation: Electricity from speed breakers



In this technological era, all the modern equipments and advancements rely on the electricity. Electricity serves as a back bone to these achievements. Can we imagine a second without electricity?  Calculate the losses caused by the shortage of electricity.

Currently there are various methods for electricity generation. Here is a novel method for generating electricity from speed breakers which is eco-friendly.

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In our design, the speed breakers have to be made with springs. When a vehicle loads a speed breaker it compresses air and this air is used to drive the impeller. This serves as a source for the alternator.

Thus in this article, going to present a new method of electricity generation. Hope this design will be implemented soon !!!

Sources of Energy

The various sources of energy are

  • Solar
  • Tidal
  • Wind etc…

In this article we are using the speed breaker as one of the energy source.

Speed breakers

In Indian roads, currently we have speed breakers of rigid type, made of steel or with tar. When a heavy load crosses the speed breaker it remains unreformed, which alone limits the speed of vehiclesThe national highways come with minimum 8 meters wide, 0.015m thickness. We are proposing slight changes in the current roads.

Proposed design

Here we are making the speed breaker of vibrating type, when a vehicle crosses the speed breaker, it gets depressed and then it gets back to its original position.


Height of speed breaker            : 0.2m

Width of speed breaker             : 0.4m

Length of speed breaker            : 4m

Material used for speed breaker: Steel

Electricity from speed breakers: Proposed Design

Speed breaker -design

The speed breakers are fitted with helical spring at the base. The shape of speed breaker is trapezoidal, because when a vehicle comes to point A, the load will be acting between A and B. This compresses the speed breaker, this goes down due to the presence of spring. When a vehicle is in between B & C, there will be maximum load on the speed breaker. At the C & D, there will be minimum load on speed breaker.

Electricity from speed breakers: Speed Breaker Design

A hollow trench has to be dig out with dimensions slightly greater than the size of speed breaker. The dimensions are

Height: 0.35m

Length : 4m

Width   :0.45m

The bottom layer of the trench is filled with concrete or with wooden plates of 0.5m. This is for cushion effect. Above this layer helical springs of n windings is wounded.

The speed breaker is assumed to be a uniformly distributed load.

The self (dead) weight of speed breaker can be represented as

Electricity from speed breakers: The self (dead) weight of speed breaker

When a vehicle with a maximum load passes, it loads the speed breaker it is represented as

Electricity from speed breakers: The Maximum load/weight of speed breaker

Therefore the total weight on the speed breaker is found to be the sum of initial (dead) weight and the weight of the vehicle (load applied).

Total weight (w)= Dead weight + Vehicle weight

For the design of speed breaker, the design weight can be found by the product of factor of safety and its total weight. The factor of safety determines the maximum level that the beam (speed breaker) can be loaded.

Spring design

The actual height of spring is 0.3m before loading. The deflection of the spring is given by

δ = 64 w *n*N*R^3 /(Gd^4)


δ-deflection (in our case maximum δ =0.1m)

w=designed load

R= mean diameter of coil

d =diameter of wire

n=no of spring turns

G= Modulus of rigidity = 8*10^4 N/mm2

N= No. of springs

Impact of vehicle on speed breaker

Electricity from speed breakers: Impact of vehicle on speed breaker

Maximum load on speed breaker

Electricity from speed breakers: Maximum load on speed breaker

Vehicle leaving the speed breaker

Electricity from speed breakers: Vehicle leaving the speed breaker

The no of turns in the spring to get the deflection of 0.1m is given by

n= δGd^4/(64 w*N*R^3)

After the vehicle crosses the speed breaker, the air inside the base will be compressed.