How To Enter Text - Huawei Ascend P6

Learn how to enter text on your Huawei Ascend P6. Your phone comes with multiple text input methods. You can quickly enter text using the onscreen keyboard.

  • Touch a text box to bring up the onscreen keyboard.

  • To hide the onscreen keyboard, touch View icon.

    Selecting an input method

  • On the text input screen, flick down from the status bar to open the notification panel.

  • Touch Keyboard icon to select an input method.

    Note: To change your phone's default input method, touch Settings icon on the home screen. Then touch the All tab. Under PERSONAL, touch Language & input > Default to select an input method.

Huawei input method

Slide your finger left or right across the onscreen keyboard to switch between the QWERTY and 9-key keyboards.

  • Touch Caps lock icon to switch between lowercase letters, uppercase letters, and caps lock.

  • Touch *#12 to enter numbers and symbols.

  • Touch smiley icon to enter emoticons.

  • Touch World icon to switch the input language.

  • When you are typing in English, touch Keyboard icon to switch between QWERTY and 9-key keyboards.

Android Input Method

  • Touch Caps lock icon to switch between lowercase and uppercase letters.

  • Touch and hold or quickly touch Caps lock icon twice to turn on caps lock.

  • Touch ?123 to enter numbers.

  • Touch Voice mate iconto activate voice input.

  • Touch Voice mate icon and hold to open the Input options menu.

  • Touch Enter Space icon to enter a space.

  • Touch and hold Enter Space icon to switch to another input method.

  • Touch to enter a period.

  • Touch and hold Enter period icon to enter symbols.

  • Touch Delete icon to delete the character to the left of the cursor.

  • Touch and hold Delete icon to delete all characters to the left of the cursor.

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