How To Customize Siri - iPhone 5S


Learn how to customize siri on your iPhone 5s.

Make requests

The power of Siri is yours for the asking.

Summon Siri. Press and hold the Home button, until Siri beeps

Note: To use Siri, iPhone must be connected to the Internet.  Ask Siri anything, from “set the timer for 3 minutes” to “what movies are showing tonight?” Open apps, and turn features on or off, like Airplane Mode, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb, and Accessibility. Siri understands natural speech, so you don’t have to learn special commands or keywords.

For hints, ask Siri “what can you do,” or tap ? Icon .

Siri often displays helpful info on your screen. Tap the info to open a related app or get more details.

Use Raise to Speak. Raise iPhone to your ear and speak after the beep. (If the screen isn’t on, first press the Lock or Home button.) Raise to Speak must be turned on in Settings > General > Siri.

Change Siri’s voice gender. Go to Settings > General > Siri (may not be available in all areas).

Use Siri with your iPhone headset or another wired or Bluetooth headset. Connect the headset, then press and hold the center or call button.

 Tell Siri about yourself

If you let Siri know who you are, you can get personalized service—like, “remind me when I get home to call my wife.”

Tell Siri who you are. Fill out your info card in Contacts, then go to Settings > General > Siri > My Info and tap your name.

Be sure to include your home and work addresses, and your relationships.

Note: Location information isn’t tracked or stored outside iPhone. If you don’t want to use Location Services, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services to turn it off. You can still use Siri, but Siri won’t be able to do anything that requires knowing your location.

Make corrections

Want to cancel that last command? Say “cancel,” tap the Siri icon, or press the Home button.

If Siri doesn’t get something right, you can tap to edit your request.

Or tap Mac icon again and clarify your request. For example, “I meant Boston.” Don’t bother saying what you didn’t mean.


Siri settings

To set options for Siri, go to Settings > General > Siri. Options include:

  •  turning Siri on or off
  • language
  • voice gender (may not be available in all areas)
  • voice feedback
  • My Info card
  • raise to speak

Prevent access to Siri when iPhone is locked. Go to Settings > General > Passcode & Fingerprint (iPhone 5s) or Settings > General > Passcode Lock (other models). You can also disable Siri by turning on restrictions.


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