How To Listen Music On Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

How To Listen Music On Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

You can listen to music by using your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2’s built-in speakers, through a wired headset, or through a wireless Bluetooth stereo headset.

Touch the Volume Key on the side of the device to activate on-screen volume control, then touch and drag on the scale to set volume. You can also press the Volume Key to adjust playback volume.

Options While Selecting a Song on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

The following options are available for playing songs, albums, or playlist, finding more information about artists, finding more music, and deleting songs:

From a Home screen, touch Apps > Play Music.

Touch an album or song.

Touch the label area icon under an item.

The following options display depending on the item view:

  • Play: Plays the selected song, album, or playlist.
  • Add to queue / Remove from queue: Add the song to or remove the song from a queue of songs to be played.
  • Add to playlist: Add the song to a new playlist or an existing playlist.
  • More by artist: View any other music in your library by the artist that performs this song.
  • Shop for artist: Launches Google to search for more songs by the selected artist.
  • Delete: Delete the song.


How to play Music on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

To play a song:

From a Home screen, touch Apps > Play Music.

Touch a song in your library to listen to it.

– or –

While viewing a list of songs, touch next to a song and touch Play.

– or –

While viewing a list of albums, artists, playlists, or genres, the label area under an item and touch Play.

The Now playing bar displays at the bottom of the screen and the song you touched or the first song in the album or playlist starts to play. The tracks in the current list play in order until you reach the end of the list (unless you choose a repeat option). Otherwise, playback stops only if you stop it, even when you switch applications.

Note: If you navigate away from the Now playing screen in the Music application, the Now Playing bar displays at the bottom of the screen. You can use this to control playback or touch Menu > Hide now playing bar.

Displaying the Now Playing Screen on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

Touch the Now playing bar to display the Now playing screen. If you navigate away from the Now playing screen, to return to the Now playing screen from other Music screens:

Touch the name of the current song in the Now Playing bar.

– or –

Touch the Music notification icon in the System Bar, and in the Status Details panel, touch the song title.

You can also pause and resume playback and skip to the next or previous song in the Status Details panel.

Options While Playing a Song on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

When you play a song, the Now playing screen displays. There are various options and controls available while a song is playing:

From a Home screen, touch Apps > Play Music.

Play a song. The Now playing bar displays.

Touch the Now playing bar. The Now playing screen displays.

Touch List icon on the Now playing screen to display all songs in the queue to be played.

Touch icon next to a song to add it to a playlist, remove it from the queue, view information about the artist associated with this song, shop for the artist, or delete the song.

Touch Menu to display the following options:

  • Equalizer: Touch and slide the various controls to adjust various sound effects.
  • Clear queue: Remove all songs from the play queue.
  • Save queue: Create a playlist of the songs currently in the play queue.
  • Settings: Displays the Settings screen. Choose a Google account to use to connect to Google Play Music and set the Music settings as indicated on the screen. The Music app version is also displayed.
  • Help: View online help from Google.

The Now playing screen contains several buttons that you can touch to control the playback of songs, albums, and playlists:

  • Touch Thumbs up or Thumbs down icon to add the song to a Thumbs up or Thumbs down playlist.
  • Touch Previous icon to go back to the previous song. Touch and hold to scan backward through the current song.
  • Touch Pause icon to pause playback.
  • Touch Play icon to resume playback.
  • Touch Forward icon to advance to the next song. Touch and hold to scan forward through the current song.
  • Touch Repeat icon to repeat the current song, repeat all songs, or disable repeat mode.
  • When Shuffle mode is enabled, songs play in random order. When disabled, songs play in the order they appear in List view.



This article will work on both Samsung Galaxy Tabs; including Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1.

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