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How To Connect Nokia Lumina To Computer
How To Connect Nokia Lumina To Computer

You can connect your Nokia Lumia Smartphones using Zune PC app to connect a computer to the Windows Phone using a cable or Wireless Network. Follow the simple steps below.

The free Zune software is the best way to manage and play your music, movies, and TV on your PC. Discover and enjoy all the entertainment you can handle.

Download media content such as music, videos, movies, and podcasts from Zune Marketplace to a computer.

Sync media content between the computer and the phone. This includes the music, pictures, videos, movies and podcasts on your computer that you want to copy to your phone.

Update your phone software and backup the content.

Set up a wireless sync connection between your phone and Zune software to sync music, videos, pictures, and podcasts over a Wireless network.

To Free download and install Zune, or to learn more about Zune, go to www.zune.net.


When you have installed Zune, for the first sync the phone must be connected through a compatible USB data cable to your PC. On your computer, open Zune, and follow the displayed instructions.

If you're using an Apple Mac, download Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac from Mac App Store.